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Fire Damage Clean Up          

When a fire event takes place, it will be most distressing. Where ever this takes place at home or a commercial premises.  It is always a shock to the system and staying charm can be a challenge.

  1. Stay safe.
  2. Get out of the building
  3. Report the event
    1. To other people in the building (whilst exiting the building or Fire alarm systems).
    1. To the emergency services, – Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and the Police
Wigan FIre Damage Clear Up Services from ADK Building Repairs of Manchester

Save Life’s First, Fire Damage Clear Up second

In this distressing event it can be hard to focus on what is happening. Everyone’s priority should be to save life’s first, and then to think about any material things after that.         Do not re endanger anyone’s life once they are safe?

Keep everyone safe

Keeping everyone safe is your highest priority. One of the hardest things to face is seeing your property being destroyed by fire. Do not go back into the premises or allow anyone else to do so.

After the Fire

Once the emergency services have control of the situation. They will take over the process of getting people safe and the fire under control.

Once this is done, they will point you towards any further action you may need to take.

This is where you can call us to help you. with fire damage clear up

  • Fire and Rescue will take care of the fire and building access
  • The Ambulance Services will take care of People involved
  • The Police will take care of any security issues and surrounding environment issues brought on by the fire event.

Assessing the damage

We will  be able to assist you from this point on with the assessment of what actions can be implemented right way and what actions will be needed in the next few hours.

Taking the right steps

It is important to get the right help from the start, to get in place the support and help you will need over the next period of time and take the right steps to restore and rebuild from this event.

Get the right help

Getting the right people in at the right time can make all the difference to rectifying the damage coursed. Each aspect for the building may need additional help to maintain and control the viability of the structure, as well as your percussion’s inside.

Secure the Site

Securing the site to control access the areas that have been damages or areas made venerable to uncontrolled access is important as you will still be responsible for the premises.  

Getting control of the site will also have a beneficial effect up on any insurance aspects of this event.

Get Started on the Fire Clean Up

Fire Damage Clear Up by ADK 24/7 Emergency Building Repairs in Manchester

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is the start of returning the building back to its normal status. Finding out what needs to be saved and what needs to be removed from the site. This will be an emotive choise and we can advise on where to start this task.

Clear away

Clearing away any damaged material needs to be carried out in a proper timely manner to maintain the site. Removing damaged material properly to avoid any environmental issues is where we will help you.

Save what is needed

Making the right choices as to what to save and what can be kept is not easy and is best co-ordinated with yourself.

Safe Removal

Removing material off site should be undertake with the right equipment. Utilising skips where needed, or bagging this up to prevent further contamination.

Wigan Fire Damage Repairs

Once the site is under control and has been handed back to you. The task of fire damage Clear up and repairing the damage can begin.

We will help you understanding what area of repairs are needed?

  • Building structure and integrity
  • Electrical safety
  • Water restoration
  • Flooring and Roofing
  • Fencing and security barriers
  • Weatherproofing
  • Access control

Wigan Fire Damage Restoration

We will help you understanding what restorations need to be carried out and by whom?             

  • Building structure and integrity
  • Electrical safety
  • Water restoration
  • Flooring and Roofing
  • Fencing and security barriers
  • Weatherproofing
  • Access control

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